Data Structures

Data Structures (Moshiri & Izhikevich 2016) is an interactive textbook that was written with the intention of teaching Computer Science students about various data structures as well as the applications in which each data structure would be appropriate to use. The text was written using the Active Learning approach to education, meaning content was written such that students solve quizzes, mathematical problems, and coding challenges in the middle of the chapters while the content is being taught (as opposed to the very end, as is the case with almost all textbooks in existence).

Within days of its public release, the textbook became one of six “Recommended Courses” on the Stepik platform as a whole, and it is currently being used at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and the University of San Diego (USD). Aside from the extensive research that has shown the effectiveness of Active Learning in STEM education (see Does Active Learning Work? A Review of the Research, Prince 2004), the interactive textbook has been very well-received by UCSD students with whom I have spoken. In addition to its use at UCSD and USD, Data Structures has 2000 learners from all over the world and currently has a 4.8 rating on Stepik, making it the highest-rated text on the Stepik platform at the time of writing this.