Enabling scalable online learning through the development of Massive Adaptive Interactive Texts (MAITs)


The Distance Education Center of Northern Caribbean University (NCU) aims to achieve the following: (1) provide online learning opportunities that will result in certificates, diplomas and degrees being awarded, (2) facilitate professional development courses and programmes online that are relevant and distinctive for the upskilling of communities, (3) maintain a high standard of online delivery that will ensure graduates being recognized as educated citizens in society, (4) ensure that graduates acquire the skills and competencies necessary to perform effectively and efficiently in various environments, (5) improve content delivery via technology innovation, (6) increase enrollment through satellite/extension sites, and (7) improve online diversification of programming to satellite and online students.

In 2020, they held a Distance Education Symposium with the following 3 tracks:

  1. Rebuilding via Online Modalities — Technologies that are being used and how they enhance or shape the future of individuals in contributing their nation’s recovery and growth globally. It is expected to incorporate areas in virtual learning related to planning and implementation for facilitators, support personnel and other stakeholder (coaches, parents, guardians and students).
  2. Retooling through e-Learning — This track will incorporate engaging tools for facilitators, navigating the challenges that arise from the new reality, and successful strategies for successful experiential online learning for all learner populations.
  3. Reintegration and Inclusivity in the Online Learning Environment — This track will speak to differentiating support for diverse learners across the spectrums of abilities. It will explore what survival looks like in this new normal for parents and coaches, Creating an inclusive learning environment for the special needs student as part of a learner variability toolkit.

I gave a keynote talk titled Enabling scalable online learning through the development of Massive Adaptive Interactive Texts (MAITs).